Monday, April 29, 2013

Thank you Mrs. Shields!

I made a little trip to the Baltimore suburb of Glen Burnie this morning. On my way out to work in Rockville, I made a detour to Pasadena and my friend Becky's house. Becky and her husband David, friends of mine from high school, were awesome enough to secure a free recycle can for us to use at the farm. This big sucker will come in so handy while cleaning out the buildings, demo work in the house, and for yard waste collecting for the compost pile. We have two in use, and they work out well.

While I was there, I was able to briefly meet 2 out of 4 of their adorable kids. So cool to see them in person after seeing them on Facebook since they were little bits on a sonogram! Becky shared part of her own remodel project, and I had head out to work. Much too short of a visit. I'd love to have the whole family to the farm to visit - consider that your open invite!!

Thanks, Becky! We'll put that bright yellow can to great use!

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