Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Work

We had a good balance of family and farm time this weekend. It was a beautiful spring day. Between t-ball practice and a birthday party on Saturday, Ghon spent some time at the farm digging new post holes for his chicken run. The bock-bocks are getting an extra foot in width and about six feet in length in their run. After we all partied at Chick-fil-A, we made yet another stop at Lowes for blueberry bushes and grape vines. Jonathan picked out his own work gloves and a watering can. He has been so excited to help plant flowers and plants in the garden.

On Sunday, after tearing through Easter baskets, the kids and I headed to church while Ghon went to the farm. In the rain. He dug more holes and worked on removing brush behind a few of the out buildings. He also started emptying a section of the building. There is furniture, camping gear, lanterns, and miscellaneous...junk. After service and lunch, we all headed back to the farm since the rain stopped. The kids rain around the yard while Ghon and I surveyed the junk piles, and found a stove. For real, there was a stove in the yard and we didn't know about.

Ghon took the three of us on an adventure. We tromped across the back yard and down the hill, through the trees and brush, to the creek. I wished I took my camera! Ghon helped the kids cross the stream and we walked along through the squishy mud to the spring. The spring still has a pipe near it that previously fed the house with water. Ghon pulled some leaves, sticks and rocks out of the spring head and found a few crayfish. Jonathan thought they were pretty cool, and of course Genevieve proclaimed how cute (sounds more like "kwoot") they were. On the way back to the house, Jonathan tried climbing a tree branch that was down across the creek. He slipped and fell butt first into the creek and freaked out! He was scared of getting bit by a crayfish! He finished crossing the creek and finished stomping back up the hill, leading the way for the rest of us. Genevieve was a trip, moving branches and plowing her way through the muck. She was in the back of the line, but wanted no help.  The only bad part is that I had no idea where Ghon was taking us, so I didn't have a camera with me to take pictures of all the fun!

After our hiking adventure, we took care of the chickens and sorted through some more junk in the out building. We didn't finish planting the bushes, but finally let Jonathan water an existing plant wth his watering can. He was so worried about using it all day!

Today, Ghon purchased a used yard tractor/riding mower that came with a tiller attachment. Hopefully it will last us a few years. Ghon is hoping to use it to prepare his garden.

This weekend, we are hoping for more good weather for outside work. Cindy is coming back to stay with us for the weekend and is going to tackle the trash pile. Ghon will be doing yard work and cleaning the out building. As for me, I have plans to pack up some of the items we pullled from the attic into containers for storage back in the attic. Going to put my label maker to good use. After Jonathan's t-ball practice on Saturday, I'll be back to the yard!

Operation clean the yard in full effect!

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