Sunday, April 28, 2013

Public Service Announcement #3 - Wear your sunscreen

This weekend is a little more relaxed on the farm. Busy weekend with work and other activities.

That could also read: Ghon had a photo shoot Saturday afternoon and works Sunday. Kim has tball, grocery shopping, a different house to clean, a road trip, and pulling out kid's summer clothes to do. Sometimes, there is a life outside working at the farm.

While I spent the day working from home on Friday, Ghon had the day off and spent the entire day in the garden. He planted a ton of squash, zucchini, potatoes, string beans, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and melons. There is still a little more to plant and we should be done. Saturday, we did pick up some tomato and sweet potato plants to add in.

Friday was a nice day, a little on the cool side, but sunny. A sunny day that you forget is sunny because it's not blistering hot. The kind of day that you forget to wear sunscreen.

For father's day last year, I bought Ghon a hat for when he was working in the garden. It's light colored, breathable and has a removable tail, to protect the neck from the sun. He's finally started to take advantage of wearing the hat since he spends so much time outside at the farm and is tired of my redneck jokes.

On this fine Friday, Ghon wore his hat. He had on lightweight layers, long sleeves, to protect his arms (namely the tattoos), work pants, and boots. But he didn't wear sunscreen. And he forgot to tuck his shirt in.

Image planting rows and rows of vegetables, on your hands and knees. You might be a little hunched over, working tirelessly. The sun, warming your back. Music pumping through your veins thanks to your iPod and fancy schmancy camo headphones. (yes, he has camo headphones.)

Wait, back up a second. The sun, warming your back?

This is NOT Ghon. I repeat, not Ghon. As much as I wanted to take a picture, he wouldn't let me.

This is what Ghon came home with from the farm Friday night. I'm used to having to do tick checks on his back after working in the yard. But the way he asked me to look at his back, I knew something different was going on. Plumber's crack sunburn. I couldn't believe it.

So let this be a reminder. When you are outside, wear your hat and wear your sunscreen. And please, tuck your shirt in.

If you missed public service announcements 1 & 2, they can be found here.

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