Monday, April 8, 2013

Not in three lifetimes...

An amazing weekend in so many ways. Ghon and I both had off on Friday, and Cindy drove down to the house for the weekend. The weather started off in Friday in the mid 60's and by Sunday temps were in the low 70s! Perfect for outdoor work and allowing the kids to play outside. Friday, we took the kids to daycare and Ghon ran off to a cardiologist appointment. I met Cindy at the house, and loaded my car UP with a load of trash (and Dad's too!) for the transfer station then ran a quick errand and got to work. The mission? Clean the back trash pile. And clean that trash pile we (Cindy and I did)! I made a few trash runs to our local transfer station and Cindy took a load with her on her way back as well. Should be one more load and all the official trash will be gone! We still have an enormous wood pile and metal pile for the scrap yard, but the trash is gone. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, a few pictures for you.

Before #1

After #1 - the red pick-up bed/trailer is just in the upper left corner of the photo above.

Before #2 - behind the outhouse.

After #2 - Behind the outhouse

Before #3 - Behind the outhouse 2.0 - the other side

Before #4 - back of the workshop.

After #4 - Behind the workshop.

Looking up the road - wood pile dug out of the woods/trash pile.

Much better looking!

All that is left are tractor tools - most semi buried.

The organized trash pile. Plenty of wood and piles of plastic, metal and misc. furnishings.

Boat up, middle cap pulled from the pile/woods.

Trash haul - from the end of the first day.

While Cindy and I worked the trash pile Friday and Saturday (minus my step out for tball practice!), Ghon plowed the garden with his new/used lawn tractor and tiller.
Trying out the new tractor.

It works! Tilling the garden to be.

Drinking and driving.

Saturday evening, our friend Tim stopped by. Cindy couldn't wait to hear his opinion on the field. I missed the initial reaction, but have been told it went a little like this: "Not in three lifetimes would I have thought that would be cleaned up." Yep, three lifetimes condensed into two weekends. Of course after taking in the new scenery, Ghon and Tim have a bright idea and start chipping some of the wood pile down. While drinking. I was waiting for a Fargo moment...
The decision to chip/shred the wood was a good one, although I'm not sure how I felt aobut 2 rednecks doing it with beer in hand.

A few fun pics from the weekend.
Sassy hot mess.

Jonathan wanted to take a picture of me.

Aunt Cindy taking a rare break with Genevieve.

In addition to the garden plowing Ghon and the kids started planting our orchard. Three apples, 2 peaches, 2, pears, and two cherry trees.
Jonathan and Ghon planting our orchard.

He couldn't wait to use the watering can.

If trees were not enough, I planted 8 blueberry bushes on Sunday. Actually, make that 7 blueberries and one pink lemonade blueberry bush. Aunt Cindy bought Jonathan his very own bush and bought a pink blueberry (pink lemonade) for Genevieve. We also planted 5 grape vines, but no pics of those.

6 of 8 blueberry bushes.

Sunday afternoon we had a little help, our friend Aly playing with the kids, and Travis helping Ghon with the chicken runs.
Begining the new coop and run aread.

We also had a visit from our friends Mike & Faith Williams. A wonderful way to round out the weekend.

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