Thursday, April 18, 2013

T-Weekend: travel, toys, trash, tiller

It's never a weekend without work in these parts.

It was another major trash removal last weekend. Ghon took Friday and Saturday off to cook chili in South Carolina and ran off with my Trailblazer. Since I had his pickup truck, I made great use of it for trash removal. Saturday morning, Dad and I loaded up the truck full of trash, the last load from the big clean out the weekend before. After a stop at the transfer station, we were off to Jonathan's first t-ball game, haircuts for both kids, lunch, and grocery shopping. Wow. After unloading the groceries and resting a few minutes at the house, we were back off and headed to the farm.

While the kids ran around like crazies, Dad and I started cleaning out a section of the large out building to store some new equipment. Or should I say, a new toy. Yep, after one drive on the 4-wheeler a few weeks ago, Dad had to have a toy at the farm, and went and got himself a Ranger. The challenge now was to clear a place to store it. The kids love riding on it with Pop.

Pop takes Jonathan and Genevieve for a ride. Thank goodness it has two passenger seatbelts.

Bag after bag of trash came flying out the building and the kids got plenty of rides with Pop. We worked for about two hours before heading home for dinner and baths for the kids. Before we left, we loaded the truck with round 2 of trash for the Sunday morning drop off.

Ghon got home late Saturday night after a pretty successful trip to SC. I ran to the transfer station to dump the last load then back to the farm to get Ghon and the kids. We went into town and bought seeds for the garden, fertilizer and ran automatic seed planter. Dad headed back to the farm to clear another trash pile and ride the Ranger/Gator. Haha, boys and their toys.

Back at it the next day.

Anyway, at the top of the hill there was a clearing that was used as a campsite. It hasn't been used for over three years and had been visited by bear in the past. Tents, storage cabinets, grills, a swing, hammock, chairs, canopy - you name it, it was there and pretty banged up. After several trips back and forth up the hill with the ranger, the site is nearly cleared - thanks, Dad! We will need to take the truck up to bring down the last few pieces.

The kids helped Ghon spread fertilizer in the garden while I worked in the out building and sorted the trash coming from the hill. After a bit, our neighbor and friend Daniel stopped by with his tractor and tiller. Daniel whipped through the garden and even extended a section for us in no time! Thanks for plowing for us Daniel, and thanks for making Ghon want a tractor even more.

Daniel tilling in a small stripe. This is where the garden was last year.

Talking about how easy that was.

Beginning to till the main garden. This is the area Ghon tilled with his new tractor the week before.

Let's make it bigger!

Before putting the ranger away for the night, the kids wanted one more ride, this time with Dad.

We had another visitor on Sunday, Ghon's daughter Linda came to visit. We had a little BBQ lunch then Ghon and Linda spent time checking out the house and the property. Of course, Jonathan took Linda on his own special tour of the house first.

Before we left, Ghon and the kids planted our first vegetable crop - corn! Jonathan and Genevieve were each able to take a turn running the automatic seed planter. In all, Ghon planted 30 rows of silver queen and peaches and cream corn. Fingers crossed it germinates and grows - and the deer don't eat it. While Ghon finished planting, I finally let Jonathan ride the tire swing - which was really hung has a horse toy.

Filling the seeder with corn.

Ghon making a test run.

The garden this year is going to be huge!

Jonathan's turn to help plant the corn.

And then Genevieve's turn.

So happy to finally ride the 'tire swing'.

This coming weekend, Cindy is headed our way again for another big purge. This time, we tackle the workshop. I forgot to snap "before" pics of the section I worked on, but I won't forget going into the workshop. I think I might be a little more freaked out about it then I was the attic. Ghon has another cookoff and I will be taking Jonathan to another t-ball game, but otherwise, it's work, work, work!

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