Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clear your calendars...

Demolition 2.0 is coming.
Ghon has finally called for a quote on concrete. It's not as expensive as he thought, which means we are "rolling."

A short to do list before we can get concrete.
  1. Finish building the chicken enclosure.
  2. Get the newest chickens and turkeys (yes, he bought turkeys) out of the mud room. (estimated time: 3 weeks)
  3. Get some buckets.
  4. Save some money.
  5. DEMO!

Three yards of concrete will accomplish the following:
  • Set the foundation for the stone fireplace.
  • Provide a footer to reset the floor joists in the living room, which will allow us to add the joists and put my freaking floor back in!
  • Create a pad to build our larger mudroom/laundry room/pantry on
To pour that pad, that means we have to demo the existing laundry room.

That little addition on the back of the house with the leaky roof and rotting walls, yep, that's what's coming down.
This does not mean the glorious new room will be built right away, but we don't want to deal with concrete. So we do it all at once. Fortunately, yes, there is a door from the main house to the existing room so we will not be door-less or have to install a door.

We are also considering painting the roof soon. And maybe, just maybe starting to paint the house. But not much of anything will be done this weekend, as we are going to be judging the ICS VA State Chili Cookoff.

So think about June - and if you want to come help us demo a weekend. Or be part of a bucket brigade to get concrete in the house. And if you know anything about laying concrete forms, please let us know!   

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