Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring at Hummingbird Farm

Ah, spring is really here. We spent Saturday at the VA State Chili Cookoff, so Sunday was farm day. The kids woke up in a fantastic mood, and Jonathan was a fabulous helper. I woke up with a bit of a migraine, so I am thankful the kids were amenable to watching a little TV in bed while I tried to sleep (something we've never done before) and that after a bit, Ghon got up and got them going. Once my head settled enough to allow me to become functional, we were off and running.

First stop, our friends Jill and Kevin's house. Jill asked me a few weeks ago if we'd be interested in a fridge for the house. Abso-freaking-lutley! We've been using a cooler at the farm for drinks and I'm done with buying ice for it. It was time for the house to get a beererator as Ghon calls it, or my preference, a drinkerator, as we do have some soda, water, and kids drinks in there. After we visited for a short bit, we loaded it up and took it to it's new home at Hummingbird Farm.

I can't be outside for 10 minutes when Ghon is mowing before my nose just starts running. Not that I have anyone fooled that I'm a lady, but all bets are off when there is grass being cut in a 5 mile radius. I'll use my sleeves, shirt waist band, and preferably, a napkin or paper towel (because a tissue just won't do). I take OTC allergy meds - and believe me, I know when I forget them. The next few weeks of outdoor work are going to be a challenge. I'll be spending more time wiping and blowing my nose than doing any work.

Spring - A Haiku

The green grass grows tall
Sharp blades manicure the field
Face faucet flows free

Flowers adorn trees
Yellow pollen fills the air
Choked by spring beauty

Locked in a bubble
When outside smells like Febreeze
No open windows

Ghon continued mowing while the kids and I grocery shopped for the week and liquid for the drinkerator. Once I stocked the fridge with what we had on hand and what I bought, it looked like this:

Thirsty? Want to make smores? I gotcha covered.

If you like Yuengling, Bud Light, or Flying Dog beer, Coke Zero, water or capri-sun you won't go thirsty when you visit. Since I don't like to store food or plates in the kitchen (it's still a dirty mess and has the occasional mouse come through), I'm storing my napkins, plates and plastic wear in the fridge. I got some lunchables and yogurt to keep on hand for the kids, as well as chicken and burgers for the freezer.  Next time dinner creeps up on us, we'll be prepared to grill. And thanks to Aunt Cindy, we have a summer's supply of ice pops, now frozen and ready to enjoy!

Once the drinkerator was stocked, I started a fire. Every chance I get, it's BURN BABY BURN! There is so much to get through. I was tired of hauling 6 buckets of water over after each burn, so Ghon and I picked up a 100ft hose and installed it. That way I know water is close while I'm burning. Makes me feel a little safer. It is a few feet short, but still does the job. We were able to burn a good bit yesterday, including a few big pieces.  Next burn, the rest of the pile should be burned and I can move to the wood pile Cindy and I made from our clean outs.

What, you don't burn furniture when you are done with it? Don't judge. You've seen the cards I've been dealt.

As the fire burned down, Ghon and I took a quick walk to check out the orchard. The trees are doing well so far. Hard to say if there will be any fruit though. We do have a pear and an apple tree in the chicken's run - and they are showing signs of fruit! Those were put in last year, so obviously they have a head start on the others.

Happy trees.

That was our Sunday. Mowing, shopping, chicken tending, stocking the fridge and relaxing at the farm. The hard work is quickly approaching. Need to enjoy the more relaxing tasks while we can.

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