Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Slow progress

The closer we get to the end of the year, less and less work is done on the house.

'Cause you know, it's hunting season. And oh, yeah, Christmastime.

The retail business is booming, so Ghon is hardly ever home. But when he is, he's either editing wedding photos or sleeping. Or doing outdoorsy things like hunting and trapping.  As for me, I'm busy working, shopping, trying to keep up with the kids, and I've been sick, twice.

Last week, I received an update on our fireplace insert, and it wasn't good. Now, it seems the style we ordered is on back order and we won't get the insert until mid January. Major bummer.

Monday, Ghon did a little hunting, then Eric came by to give him a hand at the house. The plan was to bring in some floor timbers that were replacing the rotten ones we removed.  I sent Ghon a text to find out how things were going and received the following reply.

The timbers are very heavy.

Not much progress was made. I've been told they did some cleanup in the living room, which including sweeping dust into the hole in the floor. Luckily for them, they also jacked the ceiling up some more and re-tightened all the screws. That's all that's been done.

Just before they left for the evening, Ghon headed into the woods to reposition some trail cameras and ended up taking a shot at a deer. A successful shot. It was the second of the day, as Tim had a successful hunt that morning.

We've had a bit of snow too this past week, probably about 12-13 inches total between two storms. I never did get the yard picked up like I'd hoped. This weekend, it's going to be nearly 60 degrees on Saturday, after temperatures in the 30s all week. I'm sure there will be lots of mud in the field, but perhaps the kids and I will stop by and do a little pick up.

I doubt it though if I'm being honest with myself. We have to get our Christmas tree and I want to finish shopping!

Deer Season Stats:
Tim - 3
Ghon - 2
Ryan - 1

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