Monday, December 30, 2013

Help Wanted!

Farm in progress looking for assistance in a rebuilding effort February 4-8, 2014. Must be willing to swing a hammer, get dirty, and take direction from Ghon. Additional merit points awarded if candidate can lift heavy items, be part of a lifting team or owns power tools. Payment includes self-satisfaction, fellowship, libation, good food and your name and photo included on the Project Farmhouse blog. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen available upon request. Candidates willing to help in advance must be available on any Monday or Wednesday through January. Payment for the advanced opportunity includes all of the above options and a sneak peek at the stone work. Be a part of this exciting adventure - join the Hummingbird Farm re-construction team today!

Seriously, we need a little help.

For those of you that know us well enough to know Ghon's medical history, the last surgery not only left a constant clicking in his chest as well as a nifty scar, he came through with a couple hernias. One has been giving him some problems lately (anyone know a general surgeon, cough, cough Dr. V!) and will likely need some attention in 2014. If you have followed the blog for a while, you may remember the demolition day we held last spring. The plan then was to demo and start rebuilding. Some rotten wood in the living room floor brought those plans to a screeching halt. We had a fabulous demo, but the rebuild has been very slow. We have the concrete forms in place to support the new beams we purchased. Problem is, we can't get the beams/timbers in the house.

Seems that between Ghon, his hernia, and Eric, these suckers really were too heavy to lift and carry to the house. Rather than partake in one of two different New Year's Day traditions, Ghon is going to try to see if Tim and Eric are off and can help work at the house. Fingers are crossed that adding Tim and I to the mix is enough to get these suckers in the house. I did play She-Ra growing up and wore Wonder Woman underoos, so maybe my addition would be enough (ha ha!). If not, we may need additional (wo)manpower.

We'd really like to get them in and set before the first week of February. Ghon should have enough time to reconstruct the floor, and then that first week really can be framing walls and maybe even hanging drywall. We will hopefully have our fireplace done too. Our move in-date really hinges on getting the living room done since it was the room with the most damage. The upstairs pales in comparison to the work needed downstairs.

The beginning of February seems like an odd time to work on this, but it is Ghon's first chance to break away from retail after the holiday shopping season. He's burned out, and it's wearing on me too, so we need the time. Yes, I have the dates right, starting on a Tuesday. Monday he gets his latest tattoo finished.

So please, leave a comment below, Facebook message me or Ghon, text us, call us, and let us know if you have a couple hands to lend. There is plenty of inside and outside work to do. You name it, we will probably let you do it. You can even bring a friend if you want.


  1. I wish I could help...wish I lived closer!

    1. Me too! You could always bring the kids and camp for the weekend!

  2. Have Ghon check with C. We are off the first week of February to finish big projects at our farm, but I'm sure C would stop by for a few hours one day after dropping off Jax.

    1. I told Ghon - hopefully he follows through. Thanks for lending C when you have your own projects that week. Maybe you and I should have breakfast while they work? ;)