Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cookies for everyone!

One of Ghon's favorite fantasies of farm life involves baking. Weird, right?

He has a grand idea that Genevieve and I could bake a pie while he and Jonathan are out hunting, or doing yard work, anything but working in the kitchen. Once our pie is out of the oven, I am expected to set it in a window to cool. (sounding like an old TV show yet?)  Then, while I am not looking, the two boys will steal the pie and chow down in the woods.


I've had to remind him that the kitchen windows do not have the kind of sill that can hold a pie, and for them to steal it, it would mean no screens. Still, he's determined to find a way to make this work.

Lucky for him, I do enjoy baking, even if pies aren't at the top of my list. The kids love helping me too, especially Genevieve.

The past few days have brought a ton of snow to our area with even more expected this weekend. My dad drove past the farm and mentioned that it appeared that there were some tracks in the driveway. Come to find out, our awesome neighbor Daniel came by with his tractor and plowed the driveway for us!  How fantastic is that?

This weekend, our local volunteer fire department is having a breakfast with Santa fundraiser event. The kids love having breakfast there, so of course we are going. They are having a bake sale as well and are looking for donations of baked goods. I offered to make some items for the sale.

What better way to thank someone for volunteering their time than with cookies!

Genevieve and I prepared the cookie batter, then after dinner, the kids helped me prep and bake a batch of snickerdoodles. A few went into waiting tummies, but a dozen went to Daniel and the rest prepared for the bake sale.

Who knows, maybe one day Ghon and Jonathan will get that pie.

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