Sunday, December 8, 2013

Partytime in Sickville

First Jonathan came down with a cough. Then I started with the sinus pressure, sore throat, and cough. A few days later, it was Genevieve's turn. She started with a fever and runny/stuffy nose. The house is filled with the sound of blowing noses, coughing, and whining. Genevieve and I seemed to be hit the worst.

Saturday was Ghon's birthday and a birthday party for one of the kid's friends. Pop took Jonathan to Tae Kwon Do so that Genevieve and I wouldn't have to head out in the cold. After relaxing a bit more, we headed out to the party.

Jonathan trying to stand up in skates with help from Mr. Mike.

Climbing the rock wall!

Feeling a little better...

After all the party fun, we had to stop at a couple of stores then head home to get ready for Daddy's birthday!

While I started dinner, I wrapped Ghon's present from the kids and let them decorate the brown paper. Ghon came home just in time for dinner. Once dinner was complete, we had cake and let Dad open his presents.

Birthday Cake!

Cammo inside

Kid decorated wrapping paper

Grinning 'cause he can see what it is!

Opening my gifts

Gangsta - he thought the bourbon completed the look

As I'm typing this post, it is snowing heavily outside. Ghon's at work, and us sickies are having a pajama day. I'd love to see the farmhouse in the snow, but no way am I driving down there! I'm praying Ghon makes it home safely.

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