Friday, October 18, 2013

Becoming Telzon

Never would have thought it would be this easy to like a cat.

I mentioned that Telzon has a look-a-like sibling. Well, seems there are actually three that look the same. When Eric came over last Monday, Ghon beckoned the cats over by shaking their bag of treats. Six of them showed up. There is a noisy black one, two black with white paws, Telzon, and two that look like Telzon. Seriously, it was a little hard to tell them apart. We have to try to scoop them up and look for the black arm band or the one with more white on it's leg. I'm pretty sure Telzon is the smallest, but then again, who knows. The shy cat is warming up to us, so before where it was easy to scoop Telzon up, and know it was her, it's not so easy anymore.

With all the cats swarming, we gave them a few treats. They ran up and down the porch steps and attacked each other, vying for treats.

Ghon laughed at them. He thought cats playing were cute. Gasp!

Eric and I grabbed a few cats trying to find Telzon, and then I snapped this picture. I find it quite priceless.

Yes, that is Eric and Ghon looking like they are about to perform a satanic ritual rather than loving up on the cats.

We've thought about buying a collar for Telzon so we will always know which one she is. Silly, isn't it? I guess that's just how we roll!

Last night the kids and I stopped to pick up a collar for the cat. Wal-Mart had one. One cat collar and it was too big. Rather than by a collar then, we picked up a cat toy.

You read that right, I bought the cat a toy. It is a little mouse on a string attached to a wand. The mouse makes "realistic" mouse sounds and also lights up for nighttime outdoor play. I wanted something that looked a mouse to keep those mousing skills sharp. The light up feature was a bonus. Telzon does come to visit us during the day, but many of her visits are at night.

Could this cat be turning us into cat people??

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