Wednesday, October 9, 2013

An Apple A Day

Not nearly as much was accomplished in our 4 day weekend. Four days meaning two for me with kids and two days for Ghon with a ton of rain on one. I bought the kids their own little shovels this weekend so they could help me dig more Rose of Sharon out to take to Cindy's house. Ghon wasn't able to go rock hunting on Monday due to rain, the stone mason was busy, and conference calls on his day off kept Ghon busy on Tuesday. Boo! I was hoping to have another big progress post!

Regardless, there is always some minimal progress being made. Through Cindy, we were able to secure end of season fruit trees, in great shape, at a highly discounted price. On Monday night, my usual "sleepover" night at her house, I picked up 10 new trees for our orchard. She picked up apple, pear, peach, plum and cherry trees for us. Cindy was gracious enough to not only find this awesome deal for us, but chipped in to get us more trees. Yes, Cindy, you will get an Asian pear when then grow. :) One tree alone was equivalent to my out of pocket cost, so I consider that a huge win. We now have 20 fruit trees in the orchard, two fruit trees in the chicken run and one peach tree from my father in law's orchard years ago. I think we have close to 8 apple trees and 6 pear trees.

These ten trees traveled two hours tucked tightly together.

Since we tried to deer proof the orchard as much as possible, the area hadn't been mowed in a while. Tuesday night, Ghon took the tractor through for a quick mow while I unloaded the trees. Once he was finished, we staged the trees near their cousins. Planting will hopefully happen this weekend. Some of the trees were unmarked and we aren't 100% what kind of tree they are. The "mystery fruit" as we've dubbed them, will have their own row in the orchard.

Before, during and after.

Of course, before we could get that far, Ghon had to do a little hunting. He planned to get up early and hunt both Monday and Tuesday, but didn't. When we rolled in on Tuesday evening, three deer were sitting in the garden. I stayed quietly in the truck while Ghon stalked the deer. He had a good shot at a yearling, but wanted the momma, so no one saw any action. Between inventory at work, deer season, and holiday shopping, I doubt I am going to see much of Ghon in the next few months.

Pop took Jonathan to his Tae Kwon Do class for us so we could drop off the trees. After we picked up Genevieve on our way home, we had a little visit from mew-mew, now called Telzon. Yes, Ghon named it after the scanning gun at Best Buy. He actually fed the cats in the driveway, and when Telzon showed up, offered more food and a few treats, after getting some cuddles.

Genevieve loves cats. She was so excited when Telzon took a treat from her.

According to Ghon, we already have a feral barn cat. He spotted a cat walking through the garden a few days ago and saw it again Tuesday. True to name, it lives in the old horse barn. I guess we already have our outdoor cat! That was easy!

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