Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5-day weekend

Bits of progress this weekend. I was off Saturday-Tuesday, and Ghon off Monday and Wednesday. It was sort of like a 5-day weekend.

After a Saturday afternoon with kid meltdowns and no farm work, I drug them down to the farm with me on Sunday to work on the Rose of Sharon removal. We were able to get about 4 trees removed and had a small fire to burn off some wood and trash.

Two kids and one kid size shovel. I'm lucky they didn't hurt each other. We worked together on the smallest trees.

I took off work on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was Jonathan's birthday, so we had a big birthday dinner out. Dad, BJ, Ghon, myself and the three September birthday kids, Eric, Jonathan and Genevieve went to Glory Days that night. But first, after sending the kids to daycare, Ghon and I ran a few errands together to pick up a new bar for the newsed (used - new to us) STIHL chainsaw and chains for our other chainsaw.

STIHL parts are sold at a local store called Grand Rental Station, that also rents equipment and party supplies. While we were there, I got a price on renting a floor sander to maker better progress on the floors. Found out the rental is $75 a day, or if I pick up on Friday night for a Saturday rental...I return it on Monday for...$75. That is what I certainly will be doing!

Of course Ghon and I had to keep joking about me using a chainsaw for the first time. While there, I ended up getting a STIHL hat too. My first official redneck hat! I traded out the Frederick Keys baseball hat I was wearing for the STIHL hat. It's now my official farm hat.

Of course it's pink!

Back to the farm after all the errands and lunch, Ghon and I grabbed the Ranger, chainsaws, bottled water and headed to the top of the mountain. First, installation of the new chains.

Watching him untangle chains reminded me if untangling a necklace.

Then I got a quick lesson in using the chainsaw. A QUICK lesson. Then off we went...

As soon as I made my first cut, I was kicking myself for not having eye protection. My sunglasses, at a minimum, would have been helpful but were at the house. No injuries or anything, but I can see why it is pretty smart to have them on. By the end of the short cutting time we had, I even knew how to start the chainsaw. :)

What we started with and what we accomplished in about an hour.

Tuesday, Ghon was back to work at the farm for a short bit in the morning, clearing more roadway on the hill before he went to work. I took Genevieve to get her 3 year pictures taken at Jonathan's school (picture day!) then we drove to the county landfill. In addition to some household trash, we finally pulled Genevieve's crib out of her room (thanks Pop!) and had to dispose of it. Not my style to go with a light load, so I also took an electric fireplace and rotting end table from the farm to get rid of too.

Thanks to the government shutdown, I had to take a conference call on my day off and respond to some emails. With that out of the way, Ghon at work, and the kids at school, off to the farm I went. I was on a mission to reclaim my driveway!

It is amazing what I can accomplish without my little helpers around and my ipod on. In about 90 minutes, I dug out 28 Rose of Sharon trees and walked them all to the far side of the property by our compost pile. My biceps were screaming at me, but it was great work, and it looks so much better. In my opinion at least.

Before and after! I can see clearly now the plants are gone...

Wednesday I had to return to the work grind, but Ghon was off, so he went to the farm to work. We had an 11:30 consultation with the propane company to plan where to put in a 400 gallon tank so that we would not have to keep 2-3 smaller tanks around. Ghon started a fire now that our burn window is 7a-midnight and got to burning some brush and wood from the large wood pile.


In the afternoon, we had another quick consult, this time with a chimney sweep  to get an estimate on having the wood stove insert installed as a side job. In the process we found out the store he works for, a local hardware store, sells the inserts, so it gives us one more place to price shop.

The last appointment of the day for Ghon was the hardest. Early this morning, we picked up the Le Mans from the mechanic near us and took it to the farm. At 3:00, someone came to look at the car and ended up buying it. We didn't get quite as much as we'd hoped for, but in the end, it will help move so many projects along in the house. Ghon was already on the phone tonight with the stone mason to prepare for phase three of the inside chimney and hearth work.

This week, Cindy also found a great deal on fruit trees, so I will be picking up some additional trees for our orchard. So much going on now that we don't have to mow grass every weekend!


  1. Wow you guys keep busy and work hard! I want to learn how to use a chain saw! But I don't know if that skill will be helpful in NYC :)

    1. Laura,working knowledge of a chain saw could be useful if there is a zombie apocalypse! Thanks for checking out the blog!