Monday, July 1, 2013

Pinterest Project #1 - Day 2

Time to work! But first, Friday night we didn't do any! After picking up the kids, Ghon and I met at the farm for dinner. I grilled some brats and also ordered a pizza from the only place in town that delivers to the farm. We'd ordered from there once over a year ago and thought it was AWFUL. It's a chain place, several locations through town. Jonathan's t-ball party last weekend had pizza from this place and it was OK, so I tempted fate again. Amazingly, it was good. Jonathan ate two slices on his own. We built a fire to keep working the wood pile down. Ghon found a huge salamander under a piece of wood and after showing the kids, he took it over to the creek for relocation.

Saturday however, was a different story, a morning of work.

Ghon headed to the farm early and went to work on the chicken run. After breakfast, the kids and I came down to work. The kids ran around like a few crazies, while I picked up sections of the yard. Ghon showed me how to use the trimmer. First time for everything. Unfortunately, I was wearing shorts. I really don't think I'll do that again. Meaning, willingly trim while wearing shorts.

Ghon and the kids racked the front yard and took the clippings out to the power line to start a compost pile. Last week Ghon had bought each kids their own rake, and they finally put them to use.
After the grass clippings were removed, I jumped on the tractor and mowed the front and side yards. Genevieve was in need of a nap, and at one point I turned to talk to her, and she was doing the jello neck head bob...completely falling asleep in the wagon. I felt so bad for her. She eventually woke up and laid down on the blanket under the tree for oh, 2 minutes.

I remembered to cover the kids in sunscreen, and even put a little on myself, mainly on my tattoo. I wanted some "color". But yep, the color I came home with was red. Except for the tattoo.

Sunday, Ghon had to work and the kids and I set out to finish the second part of the pinterest inspired project. First we ran some errands in town and picked up the plants and dirt that we needed. When we got back to the farm, we covered ourselves in sunscreen and got to work. First, I removed the old mailbox post. Then, I dug out the rose of sharon in our way, and Jonathan helped pull it out. While the kids tried to dig the whole deeper, I brought all the tires down and got them into position. Three bags of dirt into each tire, a few plants, and we were in business! After we were done with all the planting, we took a break in the shade of one of the front yard trees. The kids had some juice boxes and ice pops to cool down, and I added the hummingbird flag.
Work zone. Pull out plants, digging holes and planting flowers.

Jonathan took this picture of Genevieve and I working.

Before and after. Old, falling down mailbox, rose of sharon. Now, a sturdy box, hummingbird flag, butterfly bush, and plenty of flowers. You can now see the road when pulling out of the driveway - before you are in the road!

Ta-da! The final product!


  1. adorable! I love how it turned out!!!

  2. Thank you! I may paint a few more; make it five long and stack a few. We will see!

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