Wednesday, July 31, 2013

RIP John Deere 210

We purchased our first lawn tractor in very early April. Ghon found it parked in the front of a house along his commuting route. We were able to get a little off of the asking price, but not much. It burned oil, but did it's job.

It was a good little lawn tractor. Came with a tiller attachment. Ghon used the tiller attachment first, prepping for spring planting.

The first drive...

The grass grew and off came the tiller attachment and on went the mower deck. The kids loved riding in the two behind wagon, and even I learned how to drive it.

The last ride the kids had...

Monday, after Ghon dealt with the fox, he drove the tractor and mowed more grass, then took into the woods along some roads that had grown over with grass.

And there, in the woods, it took its last chug, and died.

Poor JD210. You were only with us for four short months, but brought so much convenience to our lives and fun to the kids' life. We had just bought you a new battery. The kids will miss you.

And I, I will curse you while Ghon feels mixed emotion of sorrow and rejoice.

'Cause now we have to buy a new tractor. It doesn't make sense to buy a lawn tractor, when down the road, we will need a larger farm tractor. The tractor purchase, that was supposed to be a year or two down the road, is now happening this summer.

Damn it.

We are building quotes on New Holland (blue) and another John Deere (green). Kubota (orange) is definitely out of our financial comfort zone.

Any opinions out there on the blue v the green?

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