Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pinterest Project #1 - Day 1

People think Facebook is a waste of time. Sometimes, I agree. Scroll, scroll, scroll through updates of our closet friends, spending time when you could be doing something more productive. Like wasting time on Pinterest.

Pinterest, the website of great recipes, instructional activities for kids, tattoos, crafts, you name it, it's on Pinterest. Just like Facebook, I have an account and boards of things to do with the kids, crockpot recipes, dessert recipes, hot guys, and ideas for the farm.

Saturday afternoon the kids and I picked up some paint while running our errands. They were pretty excited about our painting project. I was saving painting for Sunday, so while the grill got ready so I could cook dinner, Jonathan helped Ghon and Genevieve hung out with me. But first, we needed to harvest our first crop!

Broccoli! One or two had already gone to seed, so the chickens had a broccoli snack. There are still a handful of heads still growing. We should have another pull in about a week.

Ghon is still working on extending the chicken run. A good number of holes have already been dug out, but he has been working on making them a bit deeper and pulling excess dirt out. Jonathan gave him a hand with the digging on Friday.

 While the boys worked digging holes, Genevieve, Giraffe, and I mowed the grass, again.

My beautiful girl.
 The Pinterest project....
The pin-spiration!

There were easily 12 tires left on the farm. Some with rims, some without. Small, large and tractor sized. We will need to dispose of most of the tires, but I figured I could make some awesome planters out of a few as well!

My plan is to build a small flower bed by the mailbox. The farm house is at the bottom of a hill and on a curve. There have been plenty of accidents there in the past. I figure the tires will also help protect the actual mailbox. Since the road itself is a tad busy, or at least the cars travel crazy fast, I'll be planting some hearty perennials in my tires. I'm starting off with three tires, and will play with the layout a bit next week before planting. We have a new mailbox post up, so phase two next weekend will be to install the mailbox, remove the old box and post and get the plants in. I have a small hummingbird flag to decorate with as well.   The biggest challenge will be to decorate, but keep the 'approach' clear for the rural mail delivery. You can currently see the ruts and the approach as she pulls up to the existing box to drop off any mail. Today, the kids and I painted the tires in preparation of next week's planting.

The kids did a great job painting. We came in paint clothes, and boy am I glad! They did manage to get more paint on the tires than themselves, but came home pretty blue, Genevieve in particular.

After painting and a quick cleanup task for Ghon, we headed home for showers. Ghon won't be home until close to their bed time and HBO and I have a date for 9pm, so I don't want to be at the farm late. :)

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