Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Memorial Day at Hummingbird Farm

Yes, Memorial Day was oh, over two weeks ago, but this is the first I've been able to sit, write, and post pics. I really shouldn't be as I should be getting ready for bed, but oh well!

We spent Memorial Day Monday at the farm. Well, most of it.

Ghon started our dinner by 9am by throwing a brisket on the smoker. Then the family made a trip to Southern States. We looked at plants, we searched for vegetables, and we bought 5 more chickens. Sigh. Ghon wanted 10, but I held my ground with 5. Something has been getting some of the "adolescent pigs" as I call the young chickens. We've lost more since Memorial Day. We had 50 baby chicks and we are down to about 20. It's sad and enough to make you angry all in one. The newly purchased chicks are almost of mature age, and should be laying in the next week or two. The pigs should lay early July. I'll be glad to get more eggs!

After the trip to town, we got to work. After Ghon tilled a row for us in the garden, Jonathan became farmer and planted. He did a wonderful job helping plant over 30 tomato, pepper and melon plants. I thought for sure his attention span would have wore out much sooner than it did. Genevieve helped some as well.

Jonathan and Genevieve were great helpers - and zombies.

After a little planting, I convinced Genevieve to take a nap while Jonathan and I kept working.

The biggest event of the day...I learned how to drive the tractor. Sort of. Ghon has to turn it on, get it everything in gear and make sure I am pointing straight, but then I am good to go. I mowed the far field and orchard and part of the front yard by the fire pit. The kids love riding in the wagon on the back, especially Genevieve. I mowed again this past weekend, and she rode with me the entire time. I even learned how to raise and lower the mower deck this weekend. :)

We took a few breaks, fed the chickens, and let the kids be, well, kids.

Genevieve giving chickens some broccoli.

Jonathan hauling more firewood to the fire ring.


Singing along to songs in his head.

Wearing Daddy's hat, she kept calling herself "Daddy's Boy!"

Playing with his electronics.
A month ago, Cindy and I cleaned out the workshop. Ghon walked in and said "Oh, this wasn't here before." In other words, queue Kim leaving the scene.  He leans down and starts to pick up a snake skin as I back away chanting "I don't want to see it!" Conveniently, the kids were in the car ready to head back to the house with me to pick a few things up we forgot. So down the hill I ran and into the car. I looked in the rearview mirror to see him holding a huge snake skin. I still hate snakes. How dare it shed it's skin in my almost cleaned out workshop??? UGGG!

That is roughly 6 feet and 4 inches of snake. This might be Slick.

Thinking happier thoughts, this is what we had for dinner.

Corn, ribs and brisket - all on the smoker.
My baby girl loves corn. She was singing all about her corn, which was fresh off the smoker with no butter, salt or pepper, and was amazing.

From the log bench to the tractor, gnawing on her corn cob.

After dinner, Jonathan asked if he could take pictures with my camera. I let him run around with it and he took a ton of pictures. These are some of my favorites.

His boots, the chickens, his gator, mom and dad, trees and the fire.

We burned from the magic hour of 4pm until about 9. We got some work done and got some good family time in as well. It was a good day.

Can you tell we like burning things?


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