Monday, September 23, 2013

The post you almost never read

I wrote the post below a little over four months ago. I held onto it, never publishing it. It still angers me, but something just feels right about publishing this post now.

I'm angry about something. Very angry. I was going to blog about it last weekend, but decided to wait. I needed to take a few actions first.

I'm still angry. I was going to blog about it today. But my horoscope tells me to not take a negative path about a situation that is tempting me to get all worked up. That instead of choosing a negative path, think of a positive way to deal with the situation. So that's what I'm going to try to do.

This happened. This big freaking pile of trash happened. I don't think I ever talked about the trash pit. There was enough trash left behind in the yard, the attic, and the workshops to deal with. In the back of my mind (and Ghon's & Cindy's) we knew it was there and needed to be dealt with. It was next on the list.

But it got bigger. And we got angry. Someone drove onto our property and dumped their trash. The previous owners had dug a trash pit to dispose of larger items rather than taking them to the local landfill. TVs, furniture, coolers, microwaves, coffee pots, kitty litter buckets and other junk filled the pit.  We asked the owners to stop dumping it there, we'd rather haul it out of house if it wasn't going to be disposed of at the landfill. So it seemed to have stopped.

Until about two weekends ago [Note: this happened approximately May 4, 2013]. The pile got bigger. The blue recliner was moved from the top of the pit to in it. There was room to back into the pit  but those trash cans are now in the way. The pile was not so high on the right.

We saw tire tracks backed into the pit.

We called the Sheriff's department and filed a complaint.

And now, we'll start wading through the trash and dispose of someone else's junk. Again. So yeah, I'm angry. But to turn into something positive, I will have more outdoor time. More time with Cindy. More time cleaning out someone else's trash.

OK, so the bright side, check out our pear tree!
Pears! Our tree has pears!
I keep telling Ghon and Cindy that when we get to landscaping (2014 LRP), I want a snowball bush. I always loved the one my Aunt Dot had at her house in downtown Baltimore.  I thought it was the coolest bush and couldn't wait for it to bloom every year. I asked about them at a nursery somewhere and was told they were hydrangeas. Wrong! I do like those too, but snowballs are awesomeness. Last weekend before I left, I took a look at the front yard and found it. A snowball bush!! I am so excited!

I have a snowball bush! I have a snowball bush! Aren't they pretty?
9/23/13: So there you have it. Someone trespassed on our our property and dumped their trash. By the time this was all uncovered, it was not really safe enough to dig through. Too many dangerous critters could be lurking in there, and frankly, we might just need another dumpster to clean it all out. Staying safe and saving money for the concrete were the priority, as well as other outdoor projects. Therefore, this big heap of trash still sits. I try hard not to look at it because it makes me so angry. Maybe this fall, but more likely next spring, this disgusting hole of trash will become a weekend or two project. We never found out who added to the pile, and likely never will.

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  1. Just caught up on your all the happenings! I'd be mad too...time and money wasted on other people's garbage...

    Your farm is going to be amazing. Absolutely amazing....