Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hummingbird Farm gets a Gorilla?

What an amazing weekend! Here's a quick snapshot of what we accomplished at the farm last weekend.

Yep, nothing.

Ghon worked all weekend, shooting a wedding on Saturday and at Best Buy on Sunday. The kids and I had a very busy weekend as well. Saturday we started with Tae Kwon Do class for Jonathan, stopped by Lowes, then off to meet some friends at the park. While we were there, more of their friends from daycare came to play. A few of us had lunch together, then the kids and I were off again, getting Ghon's truck washed, frozen yogurt, shopping at two stores and finally home. After dinner, we did go feed the chickens, but that was all we did at the farm!

Sunday we drove out to Baltimore for a birthday party. It was the kids first pool party. Although Genevieve held onto me most of the time, they both did pretty good. It was her first time in a big pool, and the first time for Jonathan in close to two years. When we came home, we were able to visit some with their big brother Eric. After the little ones went to bed, Ghon took the oldest to see the farm, as Eric hasn't seen it since we purchased it.
While we were out on Sunday, we did see a farm close to ours with new donkeys. The kids both decided we needed to have a donkey. Then Jonathan asked if raccoons could kill gorillas, and since I said no, he has come to the conclusion that our farm must have a gorilla. I told him we already had two monkeys. He changed his request to a chimpanzee for a short bit, but later told Ghon as well that we must have a gorilla.

Sorry Fin, we will not be getting a gorilla.

Chicken update: Ghon installed the automatic door about 4 weeks ago. On Sunday, we lost our first chickens. Saturday night, the kids and I were there late to feed the chickens. We didn't stay to watch the door close, but everyone was accounted for and inside. Monday afternoon when Ghon went down, we were missing two. We've had a hawk hanging around the farm, so we think after a month of predator free nights, we may have lost those two to a daytime hunter. Guess it's time to consider a roof for the run....

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