Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bugsday Party & Penny Progress

Despite best intentions, Ghon didn't get to the farm to work on Saturday on his day off.

It was Bugsday Party time!! Jonathan and Genevieve's birthdays are only 9 days apart, so for as long as possible, I plan to have their parties together. This year, we had a bug theme, and invited their friend Jaxson to celebrate, as his birthday is the day after Genevieve's!

The plan Ghon hoped for was to party in the morning (after he mowed grass at the farm and took Jonathan to Tae Kwon Do) then head to the farm to dig for rocks on the mountain top. Thankfully for the party's sake, but not good for Ghon's plans was the forecast of rain. We had the party at 11:00, started clean-up around 2:30. The rain started light, and let loose after we got home. Ghon still wanted to rock hunt in the rain, but I convinced him to stay home for the afternoon.

Spider, ladybug and caterpillar cakes.
Bug themed food. Not shown: Spaghetti worms.
Jonathan & Jaxson - the birthday boys, and many friends!
Making caterpillars, fun on the merry-go-round.

Blowing out candles and playtime!

Our friends Kathryn and Cecil not only came to help us celebrate, they brought pennies!

Thank you! 133 pennies - I'll give you $1.35. Not getting the 3 pennies back. :)

Our friends (and the kiddos Godparents), Larry and Charlotte came back to the house to help us unload the kid loot, as well as Cindy, Kathryn and Cecil. After visiting and constructing new toys, we had a light dinner and settled into the basement with the kids. We ate popcorn, drank lemonade and punch, and watched "Despicable Me." It was a great day!

Sunday brought us pancakes at the firehouse, shopping, and penny processing! I took all the pennies from Kathryn, Laurie, and my Dad from a few weeks ago and transferred them into the metal container we found in the farmhouse attic and have been using for pennies. It's a little hard to see, but that can is getting full. I think it's time to empty out my Kermit and have Ghon count them in the machine at work. Together, we could be getting close to a floor!
Before and after in the penny can. Try to use the black ring at left to gauge depth.

Monday is Ghon's day off, and the weather should be decent, so fingers crossed he gets to dig some of his rocks.

This week, I also found a chimney sweep that does work on the side, so we are hoping to have him help get the insert installed when the time comes. Pennies, partying with friends, and concrete - has made for a great week!

SIDENOTE: As hard as it is to do, we are selling Ghon's 1968 Pontiac LeMans. We haven't had the opportunity to drive it as much since moving to Winchester, and the sale of it will fund a lot of work in the house. So if you are interested, or know anyone that is, let me know.

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