Sunday, September 15, 2013

Take that bad guy!

Ghon had off work Friday and headed out to purchase ammo so I could take some shots with my new handgun. I never expected him to pick up 250 rounds. For me. And 200 rounds for his 1911. And 40 rounds for his .243. That was a lot of ammo. And a lot of money.

I guess he wasn't feeling too motivated today, as usually he works at the farm on his day off. He did a little mowing and did pull some stone down from the top of the hill that will be used in our chimney and hearth in the house. But that was it.

After I finished up work for the day, I headed to the farm to finally shoot my .40 caliber handgun.

First step, was to make a target.  I didn't have a marker, so I made it with pen. Ghon thought it looked silly and said I wouldn't be able to see it. So I outlined it with duct tape. 'Cause anything can be fixed with duct tape.

Ghon was a smarty pants and used spray paint to make his target.  Or bad guy as I kept calling them.

Seriously, what kind of bad guy smiles at you?

After making the targets, I had to learn how to load the clip.

Then, how to properly line the sights to the target.

And then mantra Ghon has always taught me, "squeeze, don't pull."

I did decent with my first few shots. See that bad guy on the left? Ghon's happy bad guy? Yeah, he's not too happy any more. Then it seemed I was all over the place. According to Ghon, seems that I am closing my eyes as I pull, sorry, squeeze, the trigger. Yeah, sounds kinda stupid, and I didn't even realize I was doing it.

In the end though, the distance I was shooting at we deemed to probably be even further than our longest hallway, and the furthest I should every be shooting if for protection. And my shots were good enough to take someone down. If you look at my bad guy, he is sort of a little person. I'm sure with a big bad guy and more mass to aim at, I'd do just fine.

After all the bad guy shooting, and even me taking a few shots with Ghon's 1911, I picked up the kids from daycare (no, they were not around for the bad guy take down). We flipped some burgers and fed some chickens, and met with an electrician I found that will do side work to help us out at the house when we are ready. So that was progress to!

As for Saturday and Sunday, the kids and I were plenty busy. Saturday we had Tae Kwon Do, a Safety Fair where the kids were fitted for new bicycle helmets (free!) and I picked up gun locks (free!) and a ton of other free fun, a pirate themed birthday party, dinner out with Pop and BJ, then I went grocery shopping.  Sunday we had a big breakfast at home, cleaned bedrooms, vacuumed the upstairs, had the kids wet mop the floor, rode bikes, made cookies, played hide and seek, I won 3 out of 5 games of CandyLand, we fed the chickens when Ghon came home then....crashed. Busy, but very fun weekend.

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