Sunday, March 9, 2014

Paranormal Investigation

In a blog post, a long time ago, I first introduced the idea of having ghosts in the house.  We had some novice 'ghost hunters' come out to investigate, but nothing much came of it. We honestly had no reason to think the house was haunted or had paranormal activity, but figured with it's history, there was a good chance.

That all changed a couple weeks ago. That's what it got real. Both Ghon and I experienced something that made no sense but to be paranormal activity. An acquaintance of ours heard about our ghostly experience and put us in touch with a friend of hers that does paranormal investigations.

I spoke to Gail for about an hour and she agreed that it sounded like we had some activity going on, and that her and the team would love to come visit. We set up the investigation for Tuesday, March 4.

A few days before that, a friend of ours, who also read about the freaky stuff going on at the house, wanted to come out for a feel. Not in to using equipment or anything, she is able to get a true 'feel' for the house, get a sense of the aura of the house. Faith came to visit and felt there was definitely activity going on and that it was all positive. She felt a small bit of negativity in one small area of the house, but that was it. The room that seemed to have the most positive vibes was the room we call the kid's playroom! How cool is that!

Faith also reviewed a bunch of photos I'd taken and posted on the blog. I often feel I hardly ever get a picture taken without an orb in it. She observed that in most cases, the orbs were around when it was just our family present - no one else. This would possibly indicate that whatever spirits are there, are comfortable with us. Kinda neat.

Tuesday rolls around and it's time to meet up with the investigators. Ghon headed straight to the farmhouse from work to let them in the house. I had the kids until they were in bed, then headed to the farm once they were in bed, and 50% were asleep. Those of you that know my kids, know who stayed up....

I arrived at the farm about 9:00. Ghon told me that there already seemed to be some activity going on.

  1. Ghon was standing at the doorway between two of the back bedrooms. The door to the room closed, without warning. This door is level and has never closed on it's own before. 
  2. One of the investigators' cameras kept turning off. Whenever she entered one bedroom, her camera would turn off. No issues with batteries, it just kept turning off. The kicker - it was when her husband was NOT in the room. If he was around, the camera stayed on.
The team had grid lights set in a few spots, took video, and took random photos. They spoke to the spirits, asking for their name and letting them know we weren't worried or trying to make them leave, we just wanted to know who was with us. 

While the two ladies were in the master bedroom, I overhead them talking about dust in the room. I laughed, and asked them if they were calling my house dirty. I entered the room and we had a conversation about the difference between orbs and dust in photos. I wanted to bring my own camera to the house, but a cute but mischievous blond hid it from me before I left. Since I was camera less, I took a few pictures with my cellphone. I too, could see the dust floating in the air from one of the grid lights, and snapped a picture. The dust didn't show up as an orb, but as floating light. Odd. Then, as they were starting to talk in the room, I happened to catch a small flash of light, but no one had taken a picture, but me, seconds after. In the same spot I saw the light, I captured an orb. Wicked.

At ten pm, the team packed up and headed out. They would review photos and video and let us know if they found anything.

Two days later, Gail gave me a call.

They found nothing.

Not a single noise/voice on video. No mists or formations that could be a person. A few orbs, but nothing else.

So there ya have it. Sounds like we will forever be protected and perhaps spooked by some household spirits. But if you come to visit, have no fear, they'll probably leave you alone, or at least won't show themselves to you.

Tell me - have you experienced any paranormal activity? Think our ghosts were offended or shy? Leave me a note in the comments below!

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