Friday, March 21, 2014

van Gogh

What kid doesn't like to color?

My two have been coloring more and more lately. It's fun seeing Genevieve drawing people and ghosts and any other shape she can. Her drawings have progressed from squiggly lines to actual shapes.

Thursday night, Jonathan and I sat down together and colored while Ghon made dinner. Jonathan went to work on a piece for a contest and I set about a landscape. 

That's the chicken run to the left, the fire pit, parking pad, and to the right, the house. That's a big tree in the backyard, not growing out of the top of the house. The brown path in the middle - the road to the top of the hill. An artist, I am not.

That ladies and gentlemen, is Hummingbird Farm. Once Jonathan saw what I drew, he made his own version, but wanted to look at my picture while doing it.

A few things are backwards, but he nailed the tree growing from the roof!

I just love his version! Much more blue sky!

Tomorrow is a farm day - for Ghon at least. He's headed into the woods to start cutting wood for next winter. Already. I will be playing child chauffeur. Jonathan has Taekwondo in the morning, then a short break where I will pick up the fireplace surround, and then take J to his first t-ball practice of the season. Good thing too - his first was snowed out and more is coming.  We should be able to spend a few hours in the afternoon at the farm though. Looking forward to being outside!

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