Thursday, November 1, 2012

Haunted House

See? Orbs. Orbs = Ghosts

There have been stories that the house is haunted. If it is 200 years old, chances are people have died there. We know that one of the previous owners is buried about 200 yards away at the St. Johns Lutheran Church. We know of four people that have died there. Previous owners have told us they thought the house might be haunted.

I took the picture above yes, while Ghon was tearing up floors and pulling down drywall from the ceiling. Yes, there was tons of dust. But I intentionally took a picture of a cloud of dust (which I will not share here, as it looks like I snapped a pic of Ghon's butt) - and guess what? NO ORBS. None. Not a one in a picture of a dust cloud.  
It's not scientific proof, but still, the house could be haunted. So we are having a ghost hunter come to the house. Ghon has a friend from high school whose husband is into ghost hunting and has some of the equipment to read for paranormal activity. Part of me is completely freaked out and part of me is pretty excited. Knowing there could be some spirits around, I wanted to sage the place the moment we took ownership. However, I agreed to wait and see who was there. Now I just have to cross fingers that if there is someone there I'm not too excited about, I can wave the sage in their general direction and maybe keep the others? Who knows. All I can say is stay tuned for a blog this weekend about our ghost hunting experience.

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