Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stop. Pallet time.

I find enough time is wasted on laundry, dishes, and Facebook, that I really try to limit my time on Pinterest.   When we first bought the house, I was on quite a bit, pinning neat ideas for decorations, choosing my favorite staircase storage, and finding ways to organize like I've never organized before. More like I just needed a lot of help doing it in the first place.

Recently, I kicked up the Pinterest time wasting habit again. One of the things Ghon does try hard to do is reuse and repurpose materials we have around the farm. And it's an admirable goal. A week or so ago, my pinning gained new purpose with words Ghon spoke when he got home late from work, again, and his reuse philosophy went into overdrive.

I had to go to the farm to drop off the pallets.

What? We have new lumber, old lumber, a crap load of trees, and now you are bringing home pallets? Apparently, Ghon thought that a couple pallets would be a great place, off the ground to store chicken feed on.

So he brought home twenty.

Obviously, this is not twenty pallets. It is what I fear the yard will look like before long.

I've tried to take a walk down memory lane with Ghon, to figure out how the idea of a pallet or two for feed migrated to an entire pickup bed of pallets. He blames me. He must have listened once 8 months ago when I showed him a cool pallet pin.

A week later, he brought home 20 more. We now have 40 pallets, waiting for some love and crafty attention. 

I have not investigated the pallets to see what kind we have. Other than knowing at least one reads "SAMSUNG" down the side. Who knew there were so many pallet types!

I've now been busy creating new pins on a new board on Pinterest. Check them out and let me know what you'd like to see us attempt, or rather what you would like to see Ghon attempt to make. 

Perhaps this diagram, which I like to call "The Anatomy of a Pallet" will come in handy during project time.

In our current neighborhood, someone built a house, a vacation home, entirely out of pallets. Well, except for the door and windows. It was a little sketchy at first - they were doing it all at night with headlamps - and maybe we thought it was an undercover meth lab or distillery. Now that it is complete, it does look kind of cool. I found a picture of a large shed made from pallets (yep, it's pinned!) that I am trying to get Ghon to consider when we rebuild our out buildings.

He had the nerve to tell me it was a lot of pallets.

Dude, they are free. You just brought home 40 in two weeks. I'm sure the store here in town will give you some too. We can start a collection now and be ready for spring.

Who wants to come to a pallet barn raising???

Hunting Season Update:
Tim - 2
Ryan - 1
Ghon - 1

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