Saturday, November 9, 2013

Deer history is made

This morning, Ghon got up early to go hunting. He had off today, but the afternoon was going to be spent shooting a wedding.

About 11:30 this morning while we were in town, I received a text from Ghon with a picture of a 9 point deer, shot on what he calls the lower road on the mountain.

According to Ghon, this is the largest deer shot on the property since it's been in the family.

On our way back home,we swung by the farm to see the deer.

Ghon showing Jonathan how to pose for a shot with the deer.

Jonathan was excited to see it, and although a little apprehensive at first about holding it, he also gave it a pet. He had asked me a while ago what they felt like, so this was his chance.

Genevieve was a mess, completely afraid to go near it. The only things she could mutter when not whining was "No closer Mommy!" and "What does a deer say?"

Now, if you are paying close attention, and check out the attire, you'll notice that our friend Tim is the one in camo.

After Ghon got up this morning, he ended up not heading to the farm to hunt, and instead, played around on the internet and edited wedding photos.

He was next to me when he forwarded me the text Tim sent him.

Not only was this the largest deer harvested from the farm, it's Tim's largest deer - ever. Congrats!

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