Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Time capsule

Ghon has been trying to date the original construction of the house. His current estimate is that original cabin (now the living room) was built in the late 1750s. We are pretty sure the additions (dining room and kitchen) were added in the early to mid 1890s. Kevin determined that the flooring in the living room is likely from the very late 1800s or early 1900s. Ghon's father made renovations in the late 80s. So on average, every 80 years, the house is going under major construction.

During demolition, we keep asking "Why?" Why this and why that. Why are the joists so long, why isn't there underground access to the left side of the house, why are there skulls under the floor, why did Dad take the stairs out, why are so many creatures getting in? OK, maybe I am the only one asking that question. Ghon is into the overkill approach, doing more than is probably necessary to fix the broken things. Which had a few of us joking that Jonathan or Genevieve's kids would probably end up renovating the place and keep asking "Why did granddad do this? Why are there so many joists in the living room and no where else? Why is there hardware screen on the walls?" My answer? A time capsule, buried in the floor, to explain why we did what we are doing.

Other than pictures of the house, maybe the history as we know it and the whys we can answer, what do you think we should include in the time capsule? A newspaper from the week we bury it? I was thinking a picture of gas station so they can see the price we were paying, and what a gas station was if they don't even have them anymore.

So what do you think? Add your thoughts below!

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