Sunday, March 10, 2013

Demolition Weekend Photos

Warning - this post is photo heavy.

If you haven't started from the beginning of the blog, I'll give you a quick reminder that the original house was built roughly in the mid to late 1700's and is all log cabin. From there, we aren't 100% sure if the additions were done in one or two phases, but leaning toward one, in the late 1800's. Each time we remove more of the wall coverings, we are finding more neat things on the logs or original part of the log house. Like Roman numerals carved into the logs - in order - to apparently keep track of the order! Or windows.

The top left picture is where the built in bookcase was in the living room. The top right is the view from the front porch of the side wall of the house - the living room wall. When the built in bookcase was knocked out, we found the original window. The partial wall blocking the full window is what is seen on the front porch.

Look how big our bathroom is now that the wall was knocked out! The hole in the floor is where the tub sat.

All those walls....GONE!

Out comes the final piece of carpet off the stairs.

That's what they looked like before.

Chopping old 80's furniture for the burn pile.

Removing the rough hewn lumber from the walls. The lumber held the drywall in place against the logs. We have been saving all the wood for a billion and one projects Ghon has in mind to reuse it.

This is how we roll - the attending surgeon prepares the pork shoulder.

Cutting the floor to expose the support beams underneath.

After the tub was removed - the the floor boards, a damaged support log was found. This discovery halted progress for the rest of the day. Ghon has started pulling up floor boards one by one, trying to save them to reinstall after the repairs are complete.

All in all, a ton was done last weekend. I'm finally finishing this post after another 3 day weekend working. But that, is for another post.

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