Monday, March 4, 2013

Demolition Before and After Videos

On Sunday, March 3, Ghon and I went back at the house. We were joined by Ghon's sister Cindy and her friend Rod, and my best friend Missy, her husband Kevin and daughter Rylee.  Rylee helped entertain the kids inside and outside while we worked inside.

Ghon and Kevin worked in the living room sistering more joists. By the day's end, all of the joists in the living room were sistered, a major goal for the weekend. We still plan to add additional joists in between the existing joists, and some of the previously fixed joists may be doubled up on. However, every board we had was used - and that is a success. Thanks, Kevin!

Cindy, Rod, Missy and I tackled the storage room and attic. Trash was pulled, the burn pile added to, and quite a few items set aside for either a yard sale or major donation. Rod manned the attic, handing down boxes to Cindy. Cindy and I rummaged, while Missy and I ran stuff out and sorted. We were also able to pull the carpet from the last bedroom. The only carpet that remains is in the storage room. With everyone's help, we were able to actually make a path to walk into the attic.

Ghon took before and after videos of the weekend. The before is before the weekend; not the entire project. After is at the end of the day Sunday. What a difference.

The before......

....and the after.

What do you think? Yes, still lots to do, but great progress was made.

I'll do another post with pictures later this week. For now, I need to figure out how I am going to cover the dumpster before we get a foot of snow on Wednesday. Don't want to pay for the weight of snow when it is time for pick up!

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