Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This Farm Needs a Logo

We are hoping that within the next week or two, the hens will be laying and we can start using and selling fresh eggs.

Ghon's been wanting to have a logo for the farm for a long time. Something that we could include on a label for chickens or eggs. Last week, he sat down and created a little logo. Mind you, he is not a graphic artist.  He threw his design up on Facebook and asked for feedback. The first comment was to tighten up the lettering, so here is attempt #2.

Ghon's version 2.0

 After that, some of our friends went wild, creating their own designs for us.

Submission #1: Jeanette Smith

Submission #2: Jeanette Smith

Submission #3: Mike Kropp

Submission #4: Mike Kropp

Submission #5: Ryan Shuft

What do you think? Which logo would be the best to represent Hummingbird Farm? Don't judge on sharpness - I had to make them big enough for you to see. Which would make you interested in buying some eggs or free range chicken? Use the survey tool here to vote!

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