Friday, July 18, 2014

Construction Party!

It's time for another work party!

Last go 'round, we focused on demolition. This time, while there could be some demo, we will focus on construction. We'll have a variety of jobs to do - and certainly cover a range of strenuousness. Frame in a wall, hang some drywall, run electrical wire, help install a window, or build our staircase if we don't have it done. Let your inner pyromaniac out - create and tend to a fire outside all day. Help me create the penny floor. There is something for everyone!

Work party day is scheduled for September 20, 2014. Come help be a part of Hummingbird Farm history! Get your picture on the blog! Help!

In exchange for your help, we will feed you and hydrate you well. Think BBQ. Think water, Gatorade, soda, lemonade, and beer. Stay as long as you can. We'll wind things down and relax by the fire in the evening.

The plan is to continue Sunday, September 21. Brunch to be provided. Work a few hours and in the afternoon, we will be celebrating Jonathan and Genevieve's birthdays! The 21st is Genevieve's 4th birthday, and just a week later is Jonathan's 6th. And if big brother Eric makes it down, we'll celebrate him too - his birthday is the 22nd! Hell, if Aunt Michele is there, we'll sing to her to - her birthday is Sept 13.

If you are coming from out of town and want to stay, I can recommend a hotel or two. You can also camp at the farm, or if daring, make it a ghost party and sleep in the house. I'll be back at my house, sleeping in my bed.

I posted a little event page on Facebook, but started this survey page to officially count. (Can you tell I'm digging the surveys?) Let me know if you can come and help! Be sure to choose an RSVP option and add your name.

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