Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I spent about two and a half hours today cleaning out the house of "stuff" left behind. A local organization is having a fundraising yard sale, and I figured what better way to get rid of the stuff without having to haul it - and it would be helpful! So I boxed books and knicknacks. And took down pictures. That's when it went downhill.

Stink bugs! They were unreal! I took a framed print off the wall and I screamed a little on the inside. (Note to self: I should have just screamed out loud, I was there alone. Next time...) There were at least 20 of those nasty buggers on the back of the picture and probably 25 more on the wall.

Seriously. That's how it looked. Shudder.

They were everywhere. At least two pictures were like that. A third, yeah, it was worse. I think I'm going to have stink bug nightmares. I'm actually contemplating Ghon's suggested solution of letting the chickens in the house - they enjoy a fine delicacy of stink bug.

Then, I spotted a window covered in ladybugs. Now those, I can handle. But then the stinkbugs came to visit and I was just disgusted again.

This evening, I had to take the kids back to meet people from the organization doing the pickup. The bug situation kept getting better.

Many years ago, I made up a little tune. It goes like this:

I don't like spiders
I don't like spiders
They're creepy and they're crawly
and they have too many legs
I don't like spiders cause they make me say "hey!"
I don't like spiders.....

So yeah, I still don't like spiders. Tonight, in the dark, I tried to figure out how to change the lightbulbs on the porch lights so the people hauling my junk could actually see. I had enough light by my keychain pen light to determine:
  1. Changing light bulbs in relative darkness is just stupid.
  2. Trying to not appear afraid in front of your kids is a tad overrated.
  3. These little lights of mine really don't want to shine, as the fixture appears to have no way to open to get to the light bulbs.
  4. Really disgusting spiders live on the lights.
Hi! Turn on the lights and I'll eat you! Or better yet, I'll give you the eebie jeebies the rest of the night!

After seeing the same ridiculousness of spider on each porch light, I decided that Ghon could fix the lights.

Yeah, let's see who wears the spider killing pants in this house!

Seriously. Spiders are just gross. If all spiders looked like this, no way would they get a bad rap!
Boo! Oh, so spooky! Nosh, nosh, nosh.

So I spent the afternoon with the stinkers and the ladies, the evening with the spiders, and the group never showed up. I called after they were 30minutes late - thinking, "hey, the drive and house are dark - maybe they missed the place." No, they just didn't come. Reschedule for tomorrow. At least the hard part is done I guess - tons of junk and furniture piled up and ready to go.

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  1. The bugs are really creepy and give uneasy feelings. Though they do not hurt or can do anything but still they give a feeling of disgust where ever seen.