Friday, June 6, 2014


It didn’t take a long time of being a Virginia resident to notice a trend that I’d never seen in Maryland. Virginians apparently have an obsession with personalized license plates. From my completely non-mathematical, no statistical analysis approach, about 20% of cars and trucks I see on the road have a personalized tag.

Remember the TV game show from the 80’s called Bumper Stumpers? 

The object of the game was to decipher the meaning of vanity plates using a variety of clues. I loved playing that game at home, testing my word play skills.  I know, I’m a bit of a nerd.

I liked playing, but seriously, what do those plates say? Leave a guess in the comments!

Every day that I drive around here, I get to play Bumper Stumpers. Here are a few plates I’ve seen:








This of course does not count the endless personalized tags with last names or initials.  Or business names. Or amateur radio operators. Yea Dad, I'm calling you out with two vehicles, two personalized tags.

When we first moved to Virginia, Ghon and I tagged our trucks on the same day. I couldn't believe we actually received plates in sequential order. His truck was XCX-1413, the same four digits as our home phone, and mine was XCX-1414. The 14th is the date of my birth. Cool.

Three years later, it's time to renew our tags. Rather than buy new tags, we ponied up $10 per set to personalize.

We've joined the crowd - we are now personalized. Hummingbird Farm official!

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