Monday, January 6, 2014

Neglect 2.0

It is crazy cold here. I guess it is crazy cold everywhere.

I am seeing posts all over the internet about staying warm, helping the homeless find shelter, bringing your husbands inside, and don't forget about your dogs and cats.

But what about the chickens??

Since we have an apparent record of negligence when it comes to our chickens, I'd like to share a little story about tonight's activities.

Again, it is frigid. Temperatures in single digits, double digit negative wind chill.  Our youngest chickens have a nice secure pen, and a cozy little box to protect them from the elements. However, it is it in the middle of the yard, and well, it is freezing.

Last night, Ghon picked up  few heat lamps on his way home. We had a bit of freezing rain last night, so once Ghon made it home, it wasn't a good idea to head back out. Today on their way home, Ghon and the kids stopped at the farm on a rescue mission.

The kids couldn't wait to help. They were talking about it since last night when we thought we were going to the farm. Once they arrived at the farm, Ghon hung the heat lamps in the big coop. Despite being bigger, the coop is solid, and the lamps should heat it pretty well. He left the coop door to the run closed, so there is no option to run outside for a few days.

After the lights were hung, Ghon grabbed the kids to collect the chickens. Jonathan was placed into the run, and according to Ghon, the chickens flocked to him. Our super chicken catcher scooped one up, passed it to Ghon, who passed it to Genevieve, who proceeded to hug and love on her. Ghon helped Jonathan back out of the run, chicken in hand, then scooped up a bird of his own. The three scurried off to the coop to put them in a warmer place.

Genevieve kept the chickens company in the coop while Ghon and Jonathan grabbed the last chicken.

Fortunately, the lamps seemed to be putting off good heat. According to Ghon, by the time they left, he couldn't see his breath anymore. Fresh food and water, and they were off.

Mission accomplished.

The kids were so excited to tell me about their rescue mission. I hope the chickens make it through the next few days. The kids will be devastated if they don't make it.

So take that, chicken neglect reporter. Our birds are warm and cozy for the night.

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