Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Demo Day Update

Demo/construction day is almost upon us. 

Ghon is taking off Thursday and Friday to work and prepare; I will be off Friday to do some shopping, food prep, and work.  We've had a sitter cancel and a new sitter (Thanks, Jen!!) step in so that we don't have to worry about the kids. Ghon has ordered some additional lumber to round out the projects. 

The to do list so far:

Inside jobs

Remove remaining drywall from living room
Remove drywall from dining room
Remove electric from living room
Remove electric from dining room
Remove linoleum from kitchen floor
Remove linoleum from bathroom floor
Remove cabinet, countertop and vanity from lower bath
Remove all carpet and padding from 2nd floor
Remove carpet from stairs
Empty/clean out attic
Empty/clean out storage room
Remove closet from master bedroom
Remove partition from sitting room
Finish removing partition from bedroom/storage room
Trash mattress/boxsprings
Trash recliners/chairs and cushions from wood frame furniture
Haul wood furniture to fire pit & cut
Hang sister joists
Install new joists
Frame in two walls, closet, bathroom wall in living room
Outside jobs

Install Hummingbird Farm sign
New mailbox
Dig and install new chicken run fence posts
Cleanup/out yard trash and out buildings

The Menu:
There will be plenty of drink and snacks. 
Breakfast: Coffee cake
Lunch: chili dogs
Dinner: pulled pork, brisket, mac and cheese, baked beans; to be served roughly 4-430
At 4:00, we can light a fire outside, and we will work in the house til dark; hang by the fire as long as you'd like.
We'll be back at it Sunday - with any leftovers. :)

I mentioned that the living room floor was leveled on Saturday. Here are some before and after pics:
The light stradles the middle of the floor. You can see the slope down on each side...and all the plywood and shim wood Ghon had to remove that was previously leveling out the floor.

Steve in the root cellar shimming beams to help level the floor.

Floor support in the root cellar. 

The newly leveled floor, well, at least the right side.

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